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Sven-Erik Eriksson has been the principal trombonist with the Swedich Royal Opera Orchestra (1969-1994), Stockholm Sinfonietta (1976-1990) and with the World Youth Orchestra - Jeunesses Musicales (1969).

He has also played soloist concerts in Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Tjeckien among others. He has been a member of The Drottningholms Baroque Ensemble since the foundation and has played with the Swedish Brass Ensemble since 1982.

From 1976 Sven-Erik Eriksson has been teaching the trombone students at the Royal Universtity College of Music in Stockholm. In 1996 he became the educational director for the musicians training, professor of trombone and head of the Brassdepartment.

Apart from playing and teaching, Sven-Erik Eriksson has frequently been engaged as courseleader and instructor for several County Music Foundations in Sweden.

He has visited and lectured at music Academies in Russia (The Tjajkovskij Conservatory, Moscow), Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Kroatia, Bosninen, Serbien and Tjeckien.